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An erect ostrich penis. In ostriches and emus, the authors suggest, the system has a different role. Rather than elongating the penis, the lymph fluid may stiffen the organ while pushing semen

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Ostrich, (Struthio camelus), large flightless bird found only in open country in Africa. The largest living bird, an adult male may be 2.75 metres (about 9 feet) tall—almost half of its height is neck—and weigh more than 150 kg (330 pounds); the female is somewhat smaller. The ostrich’s egg, averaging about 150 mm (6 inches) in length by 125 mm (5 inches) in diameter and about …

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The vagina of laying ostrich hens has thick tall longitudinally oriented mucosal folds. in width. The isthmal mucosa contained 31 to 42 longitudinally oriented and corrugated folds. The uterus was differen-tiated into a cranial short tubal part followed by a varied from 8.0 …

Sperm-storage tubules in the vagina of the ostrich

the vagina of the ostrich. The study was performed with the use of conventional light-and electron-mi­ croscopic techniques. Sperm-storage tubules were located in a 200-mm-wide band of the vagina ad­ jacent to the utero-vaginal junction. The tubules were mostly branched and slightly coiled and lined by columnar epithelial cells.

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An ostrich can live as long as 40 to 70 years, though 50 is more common. They reach their full size at 10 to 14 months. Behavior Ostriches are more aggressive, and can bite with their beaks or lash out with their strong legs on feeling threatened. This is a major risk during the breeding season.

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Ostrich vagina

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